Effects of Pepper Spray

Pepper Spray Effects

Learn about the effects of pepper spray and its use in self-defense from an attacker. We will also learn of the chemical makeup of different pepper sprays in the market today. The effects of pepper spray are non-lethal and have no permanent affects when pepper spray is sprayed on an attacker. We will also learn where a person can purchase pepper spray and other self-defense products online and from a reputable dealer at a reasonable price.

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One of the greatest advantages of defense sprays (pepper spray) is the ability of keeping an attacker a safe distance from a victim such as yourself and at the same time disabling him or her so he or she is unable to cause harm to you.

Armed Defender pepper spray, also termed OC spray, OC is short for Oleoresin Capsicum and is a self-defense spray encased in a pressurized canister filled with oleo capsicum resin in a chemical base and a propellant. When attacked, a victim can use the device to spray the capsicum resin from a distance either in the form of a stream or a fogger spray. This produces severe inflammation in the eyes, nose, mouth and skin, thereby blinding and subduing the animal or assailant. While pepper spray can be effective, there are limitations to and concerns about its use.

Pepper Spray, technically known as oleo resin capsicum or OC spray, is made from highly refined, organic capsicum peppers. In the civilian market the product is typically deployed using an aerosol canister. To get the full pepper spray effects the product is aimed at the suspect’s face and eyes. Causing extreme skin and eye irritation, theoretically making it difficult for an attacker to see, distracting him/her long enough for the victim to escape. Exposure to pepper spray does not appear to harm the eye tissues or skin.

Research has found that inhalation of OC spray does not pose a significant risk to people in terms of respiratory and pulmonary function; However, OC exposure can result in a small but statistically significant increase in blood pressure, the origin of which remains unclear.

OC spray does not shut down your respiratory system. OC spray is simply an irritant that is designed to inflame the area around the eyes and sinuses. The pepper spray effects is immediate closing of the eyes in most subjects and causes impaired vision due to tears, runny nose, coughing, and minor pain. In most cases, the effects of pepper spray last anywhere from 30 to 45 minutes. Being sprayed with pepper spray is not an enjoyable event. Research suggest that pepper spray will not harm you.

Depending on brand, OC spray may contain water, alcohols, or organic solvents as liquid carriers; and nitrogen, carbon dioxide, or halogenated hydrocarbons such as Freon, tetrachloroethylene, and methylene chloride as propellants to discharge the canister contents.

The effects of Pepper spray or OC spray produces an extremely low rate of injury. In fact, “more than 80% of the sprayed subjects sustained no injury whatever and no injuries were fatal or even resulted in hospitalization”. Pepper Spray or Mace is a common name for OC Spray made from Oleoresin Capsicum. Also known as OC Gas and capsicum spray. Capsicum spray is a lachrymatory agent. Capsicum spray is also known as cayenne or pepper spray. These are chemical compounds used to irritate the eyes and cause tears, pain and maybe temporary blindness. The pepper spray effects is pain or temporary blindness which gives the user time to get away or notify the authorities in an event of an attack from people, dogs or other animals. Some of the medicinal uses of capsicum spray are as  a topical application on  skin for treatment nerve pain, arthritis and shingles.

When skin is exposed to OC pepper spray, the pepper spray effects some people will experience are: intense burning pain, swelling, tingling, redness, and, occasionally, blistering.  If it gets in the eyes, it can cause pain and stinging — and temporary blindness that may last as long as 45 minutes.

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Here’s a video that I hope will help you to see the effects of pepper spray on a person being sprayed. As you can see once sprayed on it is difficult for a person to see causing extreme eye and skin irritation and because he or she is so distracted it allows a person enough time to escape or call the police. See for yourself at: Effects of Pepper Spray Video.

You’ve seen what’s happening with the Middle East, the anarchy in countries like Greece and the problems that are starting to uproot in our own country. Twenty-three million people out of work as of the last estimates and many of those people are working part time in low paying jobs. You need some type of protection in todays society. Rather than using a firearm, pepper spray, a capsicum spray, is one of the safest ways of protecting yourself, without ending up in a lawsuit or even worse, jail.

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Effects of Pepper Spray
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