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Pepper spray , also called O C spray, (Oleoresin Capsicum)  has made significant progress since its inception as a security spray.  Today’s pepper spray products are very convenient for most people to carry with them, either in a purse or bag, in a pocket, on a key chain, or even in the glove compartment of your car.  Pepper spray or Oleoresin Capsicum is housed in a canister with a spray nozzle to release the pepper spray either in the form of a stream or a fogger. Some pepper sprays, usually for law enforcement, are designed to be fired from a gun that is especially designed for this purpose. Depending upon your own personal defense needs, there are many pepper spray disbursement methods available on the market today that should offer the pepper spray safety you are looking for.

Even though there are many methods of providing you with pepper spray safety you are looking for, the effects of pepper spray are all the same. You will temporarily (35 to45 minutes on average) incapacitate your attacker, whether human or animal, by spraying him or her, causing an extreme burning sensation that can also be accompanied by temporary blindness. The effects of pepper spray, Oleoresin Capsicum, should give you the time needed call the authorities and escape unharmed.

For those who travel alone, live by themselves, hike alone, or just enjoy being by themselves, should carry some sort of self-protection. If you believe in the effects of pepper spray protection and spend time practicing on how to defend yourself from an attacker using pepper spray to strike your attacker from a distance, you are on your way to being that much safer in a dangerous world. When used properly, pepper spray, or sometimes called O C spray, is an effective weapon against unwelcomed advances by man or animals.  Some of the effects of pepper spray are vision and breathing problems and severe pain.The effects of pepper spray do not have permanent or long lasting damages to humans or animals that get the discharge of spray. The attacker will not die, but the effects of pepper spray will allow you to be around to tell the story on another day.


Pepper spray or Oleoresin Capsicum is said to be the latest in self defense products. These self defense products are very effective for use in self defense as they have an immediate effect on an attacker as soon as it makes contact with their eyes and skin. Their eyes are affected by causing involuntary closing, the skin feels like it is on fire creating a burning sensation and the airways will feel as though they are suffocating, causing a person to panic. There have been fatalities but they are few and far between most are from those who have respiratory problems like asthma or problems they have that affect their breathing.

Bear spray or Oleoresin Capsicum canisters contain larger amounts of bear spray (pepper spray) and are usually used when in remote area where

Mace® Bear Spray

Mace® Bear spray

bears are present and a bear spray is needed for protection. Pepper spray canisters can contain up to nine ounces of pepper spray, and can provide as many as 120 applications.  These self defense products are an effective way of defending oneself against animals such as bears, mountain lions, cougars, and wild dogs. Two well known bear spray products are Guard Alaska® Bear Spray and Mace® Bear spray 260 grams. Their’s also a pepper spray product that is designed exclusively for dogs, Mace® Canine Repellent can be found at:

For a wider range pepper spray that reduces the need for accuracy, pepper spray fogger works well and does a great job in a stressful situation.  Pepper spray foggers offers pepper spray safety that is effective, no matter what your aim is.  These self defense products also provides a greater coverage, which is effective if you are dealing with more than one attacker. Pepper spray foggers usually contain anywhere from two to four ounces of pepper spray, offering around twenty applications, one-half second each. One shot dead- on is usually all that is needed to stop an attacker. The range, depending on the product, will allow you the time needed to make the call to the authorities or to just get away.

One of the best self defense products is Pepper Shot  made from Oleoresin Capsicum and has a ½ ounce canister and comes with a quick release key chain.These self defense products are one of the most common types of pepper spray seen in civilian use.  The main reason for this is simple; these small half ounce canisters provide a strong shot of pepper spray in a portable and easy to use delivery method giving you the pepper spray safety you need.  Most keychain pepper spray containers will hold one-half ounce of pepper spray, allowing for eight to ten releases. Pepper shot pepper spray is 10% pepper spray and rated at 2 million scovilles giving you the pepper spray safety that will keep criminals away. Pepper Shot also come in 2 oz. and Pepper Shot 4 oz. Pepper Shot can be purchased at:

There are many self defense safety spray products available  that are specifically designed to protect against aggressive or wild animals. Coming up against an injured, violent or in scared, animal can be life threatening. Having pepper spray on you and used in self defense could possibly save your life.  Using a self defense security spray is especially important when there are children around. Pepper spray is one of the best deterrents against animals that will not produce any long lasting negative effects.


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